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Leadership Command Presence II

Building Acceptance, Credibility & Connection by Creating a Persuasive and Charismatic Presence with Dr. Larry Iverson

People with great "Presence" seem to reach out and create a dynamic connection and relationship with those they meet. Through their words, demeanor, and interactions others quickly grow to like them and believe what they say. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "To have a highly successful relationship, you must understand all the components that go in to making one." This program teaches you what those "components of success" are and learn specific strategies for creating greater "Presence".

Success Habits

Taking Action Today to Build the Tomorrow you Desire with Dr. Larry Iverson

Virtually all highly successful people have a number of traits and behaviors in common. What that means is it's possible to learn the strategies they use to improve your personal and professional effectiveness. This is important. The actions and attitudes of these achievers can be modeled. You see, most of them didn't figure it out from scratch. Few of us are so smart or naturally talented that we can figure it all out on our own. We watch others who are successful and getting the results we want and then we model their strategy.

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