Onsite Group Solutions

Save on costs and travel, bring training to your agency!

If you have a group of people who need training, CPS HR instructors are available to deliver existing or customized courses to your employees. Choose a class from our catalog, customize an existing course, or let us create a course for you.

Group size is generally 10-30 participants, but larger groups can be accommodated.

Benefits of on-site training:

  • Agency schedules dates and times most convenient for employees
  • Agency chooses instructor
  • Customized training materials are developed as appropriate
  • All employees receive the same training
  • Employees are familiar with the environment so they can focus on learning

Please contact us at trainingcenter@cpshr.us or by phone at (916) 263-3614 for pricing information.


Specially designed to address the unique human resources needs of the public sector, our HR Academy trains those new to the field but can also help your more experienced practitioners enhance their skills.


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