Leadership Development Training

The ILDP is designed around a clear set of leadership competencies that act as the common thread through each of the components.

With the leader as the focal point, the program provides three distinct development opportunities - 360° assessment, coaching and training.

360° Assessment

Beginning the program with this powerful tool, participants rate their own skills and behaviors and gain meaningful feedback about how others perceive those skills and behaviors. Feedback comes from co-workers at all levels (and customers/clients if applicable.) The results serve as a baseline for remainder of the program.


Throughout the program, one-on-one personal coaches help the participant develop selected areas of focus. The program includes three coaching sessions: one immediately following the 360º Assessment, one midway through classroom training and one at the completion of training. Additional coaching sessions are available upon request.


Participants complete a highly interactive 6-day training program titled Leading Strategically. This classroom-based training integrates leadership theories and practices within five topic areas relating to the competencies. The topics are Leading Self, Leading People, Leading Change, Leading Performance and Leading Systems.

The ILDP helps participants adapt and thrive in the face of change with practical techniques and strategies they can apply immediately for improved organizational performance.

The ideal candidate for this program is anyone in a leadership position by title or function, especially those responsible for:

  • Strategic planning and policy setting
  • Managing large scale projects or programs
  • Setting direction for the organization, projects and teams



Specially designed to address the unique human resources needs of the public sector, our HR Academy trains those new to the field but can also help your more experienced practitioners enhance their skills.


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