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What we do

The Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement offers an online engagement survey, benchmarks, action planning and integrated solutions.

Employee Engagement Survey

The CPS HR Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement survey, carefully constructed to measure engagement specifically in the public sector, includes questions that represent nine workplace factors – or drivers – of employee engagement. We designed our survey to be comprehensive and specifically apply to government. In addition, we offer services such as customized survey design, paper-based options, language translation and more detailed reports.

CPS HR protects each responding employee’s confidentiality.


A key service the Institute provides are benchmarks from our online survey of U.S. private and public sector workers that represents a wide range of industries/occupations and geographic locations. These Institute-developed benchmarks, available exclusively to our clients, allow participating organizations to compare their results to the engagement levels of both public and private sector organizations. We can also provide benchmarks based on other public sector surveys, including the U.S. government Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, and the benchmarks can be broken down by state, local and federal government.

Key Driver Analysis

Our approach is action-focused. We use key driver analysis to reveal which workplace factors, based on the Institute employee survey, have the biggest impact on employee engagement. This allows participating organizations to focus on the key workplace factors most likely to drive their employees’ engagement levels.

Support for Action Planning and Implementation

We provide support after the survey to help organizations identify and implement actions in response to survey results. This includes customized advice ranging from quick wins to more extensive consulting-based approaches that cover the full range of human resources solutions.


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