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Helping public sector achieve business continuity.

Remote Hiring | Remote Testing | Remote Training

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a tremendous shift in how public sector employees approach their work lives. In this difficult time, CPS HR Consulting has created services to address hiring, testing and training needs while we work remotely. As the world has shifted and employee work routines are disrupted, it is a great time to focus on increasing skills - so that when we do get back to a normal office life - we bring a new set of capabilities.

Unemployment in the private sector is expected to rise - and many great candidates will be available to fill vacancies in the Public Sector. The mission focus and employment stability in the public sector will resonate with candidates like never before. It is a great time to recruit and hire talent for entry level, seasonal or even hard to fill positions. We can help you leverage your time - as many of us work from a home office - to achieve your organizational goals.

Transform your Candidate and Employee Experience

We offer recruitment and selection solutions that enable you to simplify the hiring process; delivering 30% more candidates per position, faster placement - 84% of candidates schedule within 24 hours - and a better experience according to 91% of the candidates surveyed. Our remote testing options are built on our secure and efficient framework to help you meet your testing requirements. Public Sector employees can continue to grow their skills with our Live Virtual Training Options.

Remote Services

Remote Hiring

We provide the tools to simplify the hiring process and create a candidate experience that top talent expects.


Remote Testing

CPS HR has multiple tools to facilitate computer based testing, helping selection processes move forward.


Remote Training

Increase your knowledge and skills from anywhere with our live and self-paced virtual training options.


How CPS HR helps public agencies achieve business continuity in a remote environment.

We have specialized services to address a remote work environment. We leverage technology and a proven management process to allow agencies to maintain business continuity.

Today's work environment has rapidly changed - as the world adjusts to COVID-19. CPS HR Consulting provides the tools, training and technology to help public sector organizations continue to hire and train your workforce.

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