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IEG: Intensive Training Fueling Immediate Effectiveness

The Institute for Excellence in Local Governance (IEG) understands this challenge and now offers a unique training resource that’s designed for public officials by public officials and local government executive team members.

IEG’s two-day intensive training sessions and topics include:

  • Intensive Immersion - Leveraging the raw and uncensored insights of current and former elected officials, city managers, attorneys, and other key staff members, attendees receive an first hand perspective of what happens behind the scenes of local government.
  • Council Meetings 101 - Learn how to effectively participate in council meetings, from pre-meeting preparation, protocols, constructive feedback, public speaking, and addressing with tricky constituent issues.
  • Savvy Social Communication – As a public figure, the manner and tone in which you communicate with the public – be it in person, by email or over social media – can make or break your effectiveness as a community leader. Identify key strategies for addressing concerns, keeping it real, and advocating with effective communication approaches.
  • Constructive Questioning – Knowing what to ask, who to ask, and when to ask builds a framework for success in local government. Gain insight on what you need to know, and how to go about getting the answers you need.
  • Shared Experiences – One of the most valuable elements of the program is a unique opportunity to exchange concerns and ideas with other elected official attendees from across the state. While developing new relationships in a small group setting with others who share common ground, you’ll build your local government network.
  • Ready...Set...Practice – IEG firmly believes that learning comes best from experience, so included in the workshop are several “mock” opportunities to give your governing skills a true test in a safe environment. IEG has identified with all the curve balls that could possibly be thrown and will teach elected officials how to deal with them without striking out.
  • Distinguished Credentials – Every participant receives a Certificate of Completion from the University of Colorado -Denver School of Public Affairs.

Contact Debbie Brinkman at (720) 224-1314