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Congratulations! You've Been Elected ... Now What?

Institute for Excellence in Governance Preparing Local Government Leaders for Effective Governance

Winning the election was the easy part. Now it’s time to take your campaign platform and turn it into results – and there’s nothing simple about that challenge.

Every municipality is a unique, living organization. Collaborating with your fellow council members to define shared goals and objectives, and then executing them within the constraints of the values, norms and standards of your community takes perseverance, dedication, and grit.

Elected officials are true public servants who give their time, talents, and abilities to a position for which there is virtually no training, preparation or insight into how to do the job once the oath of office has been administered. There is a common belief that the first six months to a year of elected office is spent learning the basics, which is time lost toward affecting positive momentum in your community.

What's Being Said About IEG

With the inaugural sessions for this innovative workshop already complete, accolades are pouring in from participants.

“IEG’s ‘for us, by us’ approach is a valuable addition to the training options available to Colorado’s local elect officials. Ms Brinkman brings an authentic, first-hand perspective to teaching governing body best practices.”
- Tami Tanoue General Counsel/Deputy Executive Director, CIRSA

“I have been an elected going on 2 years and this experience has opened my eyes wider and has been an amazing experience I will reflect on for years.”
- Council Member Chavez, Hudson, CO

IEG offers numerous opportunities across Colorado for elected officials to gather and learn. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to enhance the learning experience and to encourage networking and relationship building. The 2018 workshop dates and locations are found here.