Workforce Planning Portal

Review strategy and operational plans for workforce implications.

The first steps in any Workforce Planning effort are to integrate your Workforce Planning process into your strategic planning process, and to determine the goals and performance measures for your workforce plan.


Integrating Workforce Planning into your agency's strategic plan (PDF)

Strategic planning is your agency’s road map to accomplishing its long-term goals; it details what specific strategies, approaches and methodologies you’ll use to achieve these goals. This road map will lead your agency from where it is now to where it would like to be in the next 1-3 years.

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      The time to think about Workforce Planning is at the beginning – when you first start building your agency’s strategic plan. When making organizational changes implicit in strategic planning, your workforce must be part of your decision-making process.


      In developing your strategic plan:

    • Identify how each strategy will impact your workforce.
    • Think about how your strategies will impact the different levels of your workforce – frontline workers, supervisors, managers and executives.
    • Keep in mind how your workforce will be affected in the major human resources (HR) areas: recruitment and selection; performance management and professional development.
    • Determine which workforce issues you need to address in order to achieve your strategic objectives.

      Prepare for change by developing a partnership between Operations and Human Resources.


      The Human Resources/Human Services Partnership- Overview Report (PDF)




Review strategy and operational plans for workforce implications


Establish leadership commitment & resources, build teams, develop communication plan


Develop work plans and timelines