About This Site

The Workforce Planning Portal is designed to help a variety of organizations improve their workforce. It includes hands-on tools, as well as strategies and solutions to address short- and long-term workforce issues.

We developed the Workforce Planning Portal under the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Human Services Workforce Initiative – a strategy based on the belief that there is a direct correlation between the quality of the human services frontline worker and the effectiveness of services these workers deliver to children and families.

The Human Services Workforce addressed workforce challenges faced by human services organizations, including:

  • Recruiting, developing and retaining a high-quality workforce.
  • Reducing the gap between what human services workers are asked to do and how they are equipped for the task.
  • Assuring that systemic reform efforts include providing frontline workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform their jobs.

Workforce Planning (WFP) is a critical tool that can be used in addressing these challenges. Workforce Planning is the process of ensuring that an organization can achieve its mission by “having the right people with the right skills in the right places at the right times.” Without an appropriate number of skilled, effective workers, an organization cannot meet its long or short-term objectives. Workforce Planning is a process that identifies these needs, reveals gaps between the workforce an organization has and the one it needs, and provides solutions for resolving these gaps in order to meet its day-to-day and future goals.

Workforce Planning is vital to the success of any organization. As a management practice, it has been used successfully for numerous years by public and private organizations. It is highly adaptable to organizations regardless of size, mission or focus.

The Workforce Planning Portal is designed as a “one-stop shop” for human services agencies to find tools and resources to help them address their workforce challenges. The Portal does not set out to capture every nuance of every workforce – because of our experience and information base within the field, we have utilized a number of examples and situations that relate particularly to the child welfare workforce. However, this information is applicable to organizations with different missions.

The tools and information on this site include:

  • Fill-in templates and spreadsheets (Microsoft® Word forms or Excel spreadsheets)
  • Reports and Guidelines (Adobe® PDF format)
  • Links to further reading, websites and online tools

To use the site:

If you wish to use or adapt any of the Workforce Planning Portal or any of its component materials, we ask that you provide attribution as follows:

The (INSERT NAME OF SPECIFIC TOOL OR DOCUMENT YOU ARE USING HERE) and the Workforce Planning Portal were developed by Cornerstones for Kids as part of their Human Services Workforce Initiative. For more information about the Portal or the Human Services Workforce Initiative please visit www.cpshr.us.

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