Training & Development

CPS HR offers a comprehensive range of career development courses for both organizations and individuals.

The CPS HR experts can even assess your current training plan and recommend a strategy to improve your team’s success in the public sector.


  • + Organizational Training Programs and Open Enrollment Training

      The CPS HR Training Center offers the full spectrum of soft skills courses throughout California and in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We support employee development by providing a professional learning environment, materials and instructors. CPS HR instructors are knowledgeable, experienced trainers who promote interactive adult learning. Our courses are focused on the skills and knowledge that employees need to succeed in today's public-sector workplace. In addition to individual ‘open enrollment’ classes offered at CPS facilities, we also provide customized training to individual agencies. Once the curriculum and learning objectives are developed, our qualified trainers provide instruction on-site for the agency’s employees. 


  • + Accelerated Leader 360° Assessment™

      The Accelerated Leader 360° Assessment™ consists of 54 items spanning 13 competencies and five Performance Factors (Leading Self, Leading People, Leading Performance, Leading Change, and Leading Systems). The assessment is designed to identify areas for development to help those in formal leadership roles become better leaders and to identify developmental opportunities for others who would benefit from strengthening their leadership competencies. This standard, off-the-shelf product also includes notifications, reports and administrative support. CPS HR can also provide customizable solutions for survey development, administration, reporting, and follow-up. Click here for more information


  • + Coaching

      In executive coaching, a qualified coach works one-on-one with a leader to help define desired business results and existing challenges through a combination of purposeful conversations and activities. Coaching becomes an individualized learning process, enabling managers to grow as leaders and achieve greater business results through self-awareness and changes in behavior. CPS HR offers options to the coaching program: (a) Full Coaching Program and (b) As-Needed Coaching Program. In addition to these two options, CPS HR can design a program – either as an individualized coaching program or in part with another program, such as mentoring, leadership development, management change, etc.


  • + Leadership Development

      CPS HR offers leadership and management development workshops and programs for emerging leaders, new supervisors and managers at varying levels. Note that all CPS HR programs and services can be customized to incorporate an agency’s mission, strategic focus, competencies or other areas of performance focus.

      Below are examples of leadership and management programs and workshops CPS HR has developed and implemented for our government clients:

      Art of Leadership – A six-month cohort program that includes eight hours of executive coaching for participants. Topics addressed include emotional intelligence, planning and setting priorities, communicating for action, change management and building trust.

      Essentials of Supervision – Four- to six-month cohort program for new supervisors. Elements include program orientation, 360 multi-rater assessment, coaching and presentations by senior leadership and agency subject-matter experts. Session topics include Setting Direction for Your Unit, Hiring, Employee Relations and Ethics, Performance Management, Coaching Your Employees and Building a Business Case.

      Mentoring Program – A year-long program that includes a matching process, program orientation, skills training and speaker sessions.