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Review Copy

All tests are available for review upon completion of a Test Security Agreement. To ensure that each test accurately covers the requirements of the job in each agency, clients are strongly encouraged to review all tests prior to ordering.


Test Scoring

We provide scoring and a detailed score report at no additional charge. While you are free to do your own scoring, CPS scoring allows for the pooling of test results of cumulative item analyses and norms. We guarantee prompt scoring of your test materials.


Test Security

CPS HR sets the highest security standards in order to protect the interests of clients and job applicants. As a test user, you must keep test materials secure at all times. To safeguard the integrity of our tests, you may not allow candidates to inspect any standardized test materials. Duplication of testing materials is strictly prohibited. In order to review or order test material, every client must have a current, signed Test Security Agreement on file. To receive a Test Security Agreement, please call us at 916.263.1800 or toll free at 866.867.5272.


Test Ordering Policy

Orders must be placed at least two weeks prior to the test date to avoid additional expedited shipping charges. For orders needing delivery in less than two weeks, please refer to the rate chart for additional costs.


Test Products and Services

Tests are classified based on the amount of customization involved. Our Test Development team works with you to help create tests that measure the potential success of your candidates. When ordering tests, job analysis data should help you select the appropriate test for the job. For some tests, you may be asked to complete a job analysis workbook to help define the essential tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position.


Stock Test/Supplement

A standardized test or supplement for a specific job classification common to many public agencies. Each stock test has been validated through a content-oriented procedure. Prior to use by an agency, a stock test undergoes agency review to ensure its job-relatedness.


Semi-Stock Test/Specialized Item Set

A test developed from items selected by the agency from two or more stock tests or specialized item sets. Content validity is established through the agency's completion of a job analysis booklet and the selection of items that match the agency's job requirements.


Custom Testing

For more information, please call our testing consultants at (916) 471-3104.


Writing Proficiency

Measures a candidate's ability to write in an understandable way on a simple topic. This test can be used for any job that requires writing ability. CPS HR hires English language professionals who use structured rating guidelines to score the test.





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