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Assessment Tools

CPS HR currently offers off-the-shelf Structured Interview Packages for most law enforcement classifications (entry-level to Command Officer). We can also create a Custom Interview Package specific to your agency.


Structured Interviews:

The Structured Interview is a job-related, oral examination process designed to elicit information about a candidate in relation to a set of pre-determined job performance dimensions or competencies. The Structured Interview attempts to gather information about a candidate's performance in previous and/or future job-related situations. Each customized Structured Interview process includes: a job analysis to identify the critical job performance dimensions or competencies to be assessed; a series of job-related interview questions; a set of behaviorally anchored rating scales for each dimension being assessed; and appropriate rating guidelines and materials. CPS HR consultants can also assist with rater training (half or full-day sessions available) and the administration of the interview process, if requested.


Assessment Centers:

The Assessment Center method of identifying supervisory and managerial potential is a job-related, objectively oriented attempt to provide decision-makers with more complete information than they can ordinarily gather from written and oral examinations alone. Assessment Centers provide a means of gathering relevant information, under standardized conditions, about an individual's capabilities to perform a supervisory or management job.


Each CPS HR Assessment Center and customized assessment process includes: an in-depth job analysis to identify the critical job performance dimensions or competencies to be assessed; the design of the assessment model; the development of the assessment exercises; training of the assessor team; a classroom-style orientation for the candidate group; and facilitation of the assessment and rating processes. Individual and/or group performance feedback is also available by request. Agencies may also wish to customize the way they utilize CPS HR's assessment services by having CPS HR consultants just train their assessor team or develop one or two specific exercises designed to augment a current promotional process.





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