Test Rental

The CPS HR Test Rental team is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality test products and services. As a public agency, we understand the needs of government and not-for-profit agencies,and our employment tests have been developed to meet those specialized needs while providing great value at an economical price.

Professionally Developed, Reliable Employment Tests

Our tests are developed to meet the most stringent psychometric standards and are frequently updated to ensure content relevance as well as to prevent overexposure. Furthermore, our staff of testing experts provides prompt, full-service test rental support from initial order processing through test scoring and follow-up consultation.

Our test rental catalog offers more than 50 types of entry-level and promotional employment tests for a wide range of public agency positions including law enforcement, fire service, clerical, professional, skilled trades and many others.

Why Use CPS HR Employment Testing and Assessment Services?

  • Expert consultation and advice
  • Professional, courteous customer service
  • Free test review copies
  • Detailed scoring results
  • Validation reports
  • Convenient and easy ordering
  • Prompt, secure, nationwide delivery


  • + Stock Test

      A stock test is a standardized test for a specific job classification common to public agencies. Each stock test has been validated through a content-oriented procedure. Prior to use by an agency, a stock test undergoes agency review to ensure job relatedness.


  • + Semi-Stock Test

      A semi-stock test is developed from items selected by the agency from two or more stock tests or from the items in the specialized item sets. Content validity is established through the agency’s completion of a job analysis workbook and the selection of items that match the agency’s job requirements.


  • + Custom Test

      A custom test is created from existing items in the CPS HR item bank or written specifically for the agency. Validity is established by the client agency unless performed under a separate contract with CPS HR.


  • + Supplement

      These preprinted 25- to 30- item booklets can be added to any of our regular test books to extend the coverage or emphasize content areas of our stock tests.


  • + Specialized Item Set

      These preprinted 200- to 250- item booklets allow you to customize item selection when creating a test specific to your agency for many common classifications.


  • + Structured Interviews

      The Structured Interview is a job-related, oral examination designed to elicit information about a candidate in relation to a set of pre-determined job performance competencies. Each customized Structured Interview process includes: a job analysis; a series of job-related interview questions; a set of behaviorally-anchored rating scales; and appropriate rating guidelines and materials. CPS HR consultants can also assist with rater training and the administration of the interview process.


  • + Writing Proficiency

      These essays measure a candidate’s ability to write in an understandable way on a simple topic. This test can be used for any job that requires writing ability. CPS HR hires English language professionals who use structured rating guidelines to score the test.


  • + Online Delivery Format is Available

      Online Skills–based – Microsoft Office-based tests as well as a large variety of office, clerical and industrial skills testing
      Online Personality Testing – Hogan Assessments personality reports


CPS HR Offers a Variety of Other Employment Testing Services

CPS HR provides a broad range of services to assist your agency in developing and administering exams and assessments. Our team can meet any or all of your testing requirements. Our examination services include:

  • Assessment Centers
  • Customized Test Development Solutions
  • Test Administration