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Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services

As an authorized provider of services to the Federal Government, General Services Administration, and Federal Supply Services, CPS HR Consulting can provide quick turn-around of expert services to Federal Government agencies. This enables CPS HR to work with Federal agencies without having to undergo a full and open competitive process, which drastically reduces procurement lead times and allows Federal agencies to acquire services for pre-negotiated fair and reasonable pricing.

Consulting Services (SIN 874-1)

CPS HR provides expert advice, assistance, guidance and counseling in support of agencies' management, organizational, and business improvement efforts. Examples of this include:

  • strategic, business and action planning
  • systems alignment
  • cycle time
  • high performance work
  • leadership systems
  • performance measures and indicators
  • process and productivity improvement
  • organizational assessments
  • program audits, and evaluations

Facilitation Services (SIN 874-2)

CPS HR provides facilitation and related decision support services to agencies engaging in collaboration efforts, working groups, or integrated product, process, or self-directed teams. We provide assistance in:

  • the use of problem solving techniques
  • resolving disputes, disagreements, and divergent views
  • providing a draft for the permanent record
  • defining and refining the agenda
  • logistical meeting/conference support when performing technical facilitation
  • recording discussion content and focusing decision-making
  • debriefing and overall meeting planning
  • convening and leading large and small group briefings and discussions
  • preparing draft and final reports for dissemination

Survey Services (SIN 874-3)

CPS HR provides expert consultation, assistance, and deliverables associated with all aspects of surveying within the context of MOBIS. This includes:

  • planning survey design
  • defining and refining the agenda
  • determining proper survey data collection methodology
  • sampling; survey development
  • survey database administration
  • administering surveys using various types of data collection methods
  • pretest/pilot surveying
  • assessing reliability and validity of data
  • analyses of quantitative and qualitative survey data
  • production of reports to include, but not limited to: description and summary of results with associated graphs, charts, and tables; description of data collection and survey administration methods; discussion of sample characteristics and the representative nature of data; analysis of non-response; and briefings of results to include discussion of recommendations and potential follow-up actions

Contract Information
Contract Number: GS-10F-0437M
Contract Period: 9/4/12 through 9/3/2022
Federal Supply Group: 874
Business Size: Other than small

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