CPS HR/IPMA HR Grant Criteria

Who Is Eligible?
Any government agency in the United States.

Description and Purpose of Grant:
CPS HR Consulting and IPMA-HR have formed a partnership to establish a grant program for the encouragement of innovative Human Resources (HR) practices in the public sector. It is the mission of both CPS HR and IPMA-HR to further the discipline through support of personnel programs and initiatives. The purpose of this grant program is to support excellence in HR through recognition of contributions to public service that foster quality, fairness, equity, and solutions to organizational needs. The grant will be offered to agencies demonstrating the promotion of such objectives through the implementation and utilization of innovative human resource programs. It is the desire of CPS HR/IPMA-HR to offer one grant this year to a qualified applicant. CPS HR/IPMA-HR may not offer grants in any given year if there are insufficient applicant proposals meeting grant criteria.

Eligibility Requirements:
The agency selected for the CPS HR/IPMA-HR grant will be responsible for using the funds to establish a unique or innovative HR-related program within their agency. Meeting the following requirements is necessary to be eligible for grant consideration:

  • Be a governmental agency in the U.S.
  • The funds must only be used for internal staffing and expenses (not external consultants).
  • The implemented program must be new to the agency and linked to the agency's future goals or strategic plan.
  • The program must be outcome based (result oriented).
  • The agency must be able to demonstrate where and how the funds were used.
  • Within eight months of receiving the grant, the agency awarded will be expected to design and implement the program so that the results can be published.
  • The agency must publish their results with sufficient detail to enable other agencies to use the program as a model.
  • The agency is expected to present their findings at any IPMA-HR conference (with an expectation for the agency to present their findings at the 2016 IPMA-HR International Training Conference).

Application Process:
Interested agencies should submit up to a five page description thoroughly discussing the following issues:

  • Project Title.
  • History and mission statement of the agency.
  • Current departmental, human resource concern(s), or problem(s).
  • The innovative HR-related program to be undertaken within the agency.
  • Population served by the agency.
  • Number of paid full/part-time employees and volunteers.
  • The project's intended start and end date in Month/Day/Year (mm/dd/yy) format.
  • The methodologies that will be used to develop, implement, and promote the program.
  • A description of the intended results or outcome of the program and how it is linked to the agencies goals or strategic plan.
  • A description as to how the effectiveness of the program will be measured, the measures in place to gauge the results, and the method to be used for quantifying the program's success.
  • Additional funding, if any, that will contribute to the objectives of the project. Be sure to include: Name of funder, amount of funding, and where this funding is directed.
  • Any publicity plans that will promote the program and grant, other than those events as stipulated for this grant.
  • A monetary breakdown of the project's budget.

Application Deadlines:
Please submit the proposal by August 3, 2015 to:

CPS HR Consulting
Attn: Teresa Webster
2450 Del Paso Road, Suite 220
Sacramento CA 95834
(916) 471-3462 Phone

Email submissions are strongly encouraged. If sending by mail, include an electronic copy on a CD or flash drive.

Note: Applications will be acknowledged upon receipt. You will be notified of the results of the application review on or about August 24, 2015. The successful grantee will be announced at the
IPMA-HR International Training Conference in Denver, Colorado being held September 27 through 30, 2015 and the funds will be forwarded to the recipient in December. The Grantee is encouraged to attend the conference, but it is not a requirement of the grant award.

Grant Application Form:
Download an application form in a PDF format here.

Download an application in MS Word here.

Save the file to your computer. Complete the document and save the document under a different title; we suggest you save the final document as lastnamefirstnameInnovationGrantAPP.doc reflecting your last name, your first name or initial and the words InnovationGrantAPP.

Complete the form and email it as an attachment to jrose@cpshr.us. If you are unable to email an attachment, you may print and fax the form to (916) 561-7262.

You can download a copy of these criteria here.