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Manage your talent through the evolving work world

A new generation is here, and the work world is changing. Inescapable workforce demographics have raised new questions about how organizations will meet their talent needs in the future. New directions in government require the public sector to assume different roles and responsibilities while shortages in leadership and skilled talent loom in the background. To keep pace, some organizations are embracing technology to increase productivity, using data and metrics to make workforce decisions, focusing on diversity and inclusion and prioritizing a strong learning culture as a key to success.

Workforce trends like these present the public sector with significant talent management challenges and require A New Generation of Talent Strategies. Join us in Napa to learn innovative ways to manage your workforce to enhance engagement, develop leaders and drive increased organizational performance.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the CPS HR Conference

CPS HR Consulting

At CPS HR Consulting, we field a lot of questions about our Talent Management Conference in February, the most popular question being “Why should I attend?” The fact is there isn’t one reason you should attend. There are lots and lots of reasons, and these 10 are at the top.